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Weekend Retreat


OCTOBER  23-25, 2020 


Touching the Earth | Friday 7:30PM ET

The Still Point of Balance | Saturday 12PM ET

Evening Satsang & Meditation* | Saturday 7:30PM ET

Open to Grace | Sunday 12PM ET

Recordings available on-demand through Nov. 8




Invite a sense of spaciousness, ease and efficiency to your practice and open to the natural abundance of compassion, grace, and stillness within your being. Our first evening together initiates this by connecting to the stability of the ground and re-organizing and releasing tension in the lower body (feet, legs, and hips). Our second workshop plays your edges with a practice that challenges  the core and builds both pliancy and resilience, giving way to greater balance in all of life. On our final day, decompress the spine and shoulders and find new length in the front body along with willingness and courage to meet the future - and whatever it may bring - as we touch the abode of the heart. Over three days, our work will address the entire system of the body from the ground up. You will discover new insights and techniques to inspire your practice, deepen your understanding, and connect to the abundance of your heart.


You can expect steady, thoughtful, physically challenging practices, meditation, and breath work in each class. Some experience recommended - this was created for those who have a regular practice or who are looking to come back to their practice after time away.

*Open to full weekend participants only

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a compass in the fog

Understanding, Practicing With, and Harnessing the Power of Anxiety & Depression

Coming 2021 



If you are living with or have a history of cyclical anxiety and depression, you know how crippling and terrifying these mind states can be. Science is beginning to understand that these phenomena of mind are more than chemicals gone haywire in the brain; in addition to a genetic component, these conditions are also deeply related to personal habits - many of which we can retrain. In this intensive, examine the neuroscience, anatomy, and physiology of the experiences of anxiety and depression in the mind and body. Experience supportive practices to be used while "in the fog", during transitional periods, and prophylactically. By learning to ride the waves of your own personal cycle, you will unlock the vast creativity, joy and empathy that your unique mind offers. This series is intended for anyone interested (no prior experience needed), and is relevant for those living with neurodiversities such as Major Depression Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety.

Star Formation

anatomy of the subtle body

Coming 2021


Take a deep dive into the richness of the vital energy centers of the body, and begin to understand the link between the physiology and philosophy of the yoga practice. No matter how long you've studied yoga, this immersive course is bound to shed new light on the marvels of the chakras, the body, and the philosophy of yoga.

In this course, students work with asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and journaling to understand first hand how this energetic system can affect how we feel on a daily basis - and point out how our system aligns with obstacles in our life. Immerse your heart in Hindu mythology, Tantric and Buddhist philosophy, Chinese medicine and practice. By recognizing that there is more to the body than meets the eye, we can learn to move through life with ease and grace.

Courtney leads thoughtful, purposeful yoga, that challenges you physically as well as mentally.  She has an uncanny sense of connectedness to her students and their development, always pushing them to layer new skill and strength into their practice.  She is a natural teacher who radiates enthusiasm and sincerity for her craft.


—  Brian Rudin