West Side Yoga/ 186 Carpenter Street, Providence

Low impact, deep, energizing and restorative, this is a balanced practice to strengthen and open the body. Slow and intentional sequencing get into every nook and cranny, refining your technical skill for asana (posture), breath work (pranayama), and mindfulness of mind. This class will inspire and challenge you to try beautiful, fun postures with thoughtful, purposeful sequencing to provide a full-body experience, leaving you feeling deeply supported and connected both mentally and physically. The remedy for high-impact, injury-prone practices, this is a welcoming class for those newer to yoga while offering the space and detailed instruction to further the technique, skill, and depth for experienced practitioners for greater power and precision. Held in the beautiful studio space of West Side Yoga in Federal Hill.






Through October 22, 2021

IN STUDIO at The Promenade, Providence 


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Move, breathe, and connect! These classes are appropriate for all experience-levels, so whether you're brand new, beginning again or feeling great in your practice, you'll get something out of our time together. Expect short meditations, thoughtful and specific sequences to open and strengthen your body, helpful suggestions with modifications and props, a few dumb jokes, and relaxation. These are accessible classes with lots of options given, but they are not "gentle yoga" - we move through a range of motions with the spine, hips, and shoulders. Bring your mat along with blocks and a strap if you have them!


Suggested donation $5-$20. Dana is a Pali word meaning generosity and is used widely within the Buddhist community as a way of supporting teachers so they can offer access to the teaching without economic barrier. Your gift not only supports Court, but also many others who she teaches, and will be received with deep gratitude. Venmo username : @Court-Morgan   

While I started with yoga a long time ago, it didn't make sense to me or my body until I had the opportunity to practice with Courtney. Her techniques are solidly based in the structure of the human body, informing an intelligent and captivating practice. The quality of my time spent in physical movement and mindfulness with Court can not be understated. 


—  K.g.