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Each session at the private studio focuses on moving from the core of the body, of the mind, and of the heart. This means that you will be guided through each movement develop coordination of breath, core, and range on the reformer, and specific alignment and strengthening for your individual body on the mat. By combining these targeted tools and techniques with continuous mindfulness, practitioners gain the physical benefits that positively effect their entire body-mind system. 


Injured? Postpartum? Anxious? This unique approach to mindful movement and building strength of awareness brings the entire system into alignment.  Courtney's method - based in the traditions of alignment-based yoga, Insight meditation and the Classical Pilates repertoire - uniformly works each body part to create balanced, efficient, safe patterns of functional movement which lead to a strong core, supportive posture, and optimal health. The goal is not to make each exercise harder, but to make each movement more effectiveYou can expect to feel stronger, taller, and more centered after each session. Through this holistic and sustainable approach, over time, you will see improvement in your balance, stability, adaptability, strength, and range of motion as you integrate body and mind.

I have been practicing Pilates and yoga for many years and have rarely encountered a teacher as gifted as Courtney. As a Physical Therapist, I am able to recognize competence in the body work professions. Court has shown that she has a thorough understanding of anatomy, excellent technique on the reformer, and the ability to teach various yoga styles. She is intuitive and able to determine an individual’s needs, thus providing excellent outcomes in assisting them in meeting their goals.




Patrice is our custom-built Pilates reformer, an incredibly efficient, simple machine to build new levels of strength, flexibility, coordination and connection. A Reformer features multiple springs to offer varying levels of resistance for each exercise, making it an infinitely adaptable piece of equipment. Modifications to the exercises allow for a degree of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced making workouts safe for anyone, even those rehabbing from injuries, who are rebuilding after a baby, or those battling chronic illness. Individuals are able to perform the exercises at their current fitness level and increase the intensity as body conditioning improves. Explore the boundaries of precision, breath, strength and flow.

New clients
Single session

3 Sessions for $100

1 Private Session for $90

5 Sessions
10 Sessions

5 Private Sessions for $400


10 Private Sessions for $650


Each booking is approximately 60 minutes long.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy - Thank you for your understanding.


One to one sessions are approximately 60 minutes long. 

If you would like to book or have any questions, please fill out the form below or contact me at


I aim to respond within 24 hours. I look forward to helping you on your path to greater wellness in body, mind, and heart.

The studio is open by

appointment only

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Please check all that apply

Can't wait to meet you!



Due to the nature of our sessions, safety and respect for personal boundaries are of the utmost importance. Therefore the following measures are in place:


Please remove shoes and sanitize hands

before entering the space

masks required

The studio is equipped with a

uv light/charcoal air filter

All equipment is cleaned with disinfectant

between appointments

adjustments are offered throughout the session.

If you prefer a hands-off approach for any reason, please let the instructor know.


How often should I book?

This depends on your schedule, but it's generally most effective to aim for twice a week. You will feel results, retain the information more easily and feel confident to practice on your own, if you so choose, more quickly. Please also use the videos and guided meditations on this site to supplement our individual work!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If this is something you would love to do but is cost prohibitive, I am happy to figure out a way to work within your budget. I ask that you try the new client 3 pack, and if you want to continue, let's start talking about how this can work for both me and you.

can we just focus on stretching and stress relief?

Absolutely. I offer a wide range of tools and techniques, like Restorative yoga, guided meditation, breath work, and self myofascial release to help you reconnect wherever you are. My ultimate goal is to teach you the information and strategies relevant to you so that you are able to access your own inner resources whenever you need them.

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