YogaWorks was the first school of its kind to blend the rigorous alignment technique of Iyengar Yoga with the breath-centered movement of Ashtanga and therapeutics of T.K.B. Desikachar's Viniyoga. It is the school that birthed the style of yoga, teacher trainings, and studios that is common today. YogaWorks teacher training is a demanding experience that emphasizes alignment, anatomy, and intelligent sequencing. Teachers from this school are known for their ability to work with beginners and injuries and bring a new depth of understanding of the embodied yoga practice to their classes. Courtney's initial teacher trainer was NYC based Jodie Rufty, whose work and grace continues to inspire Court's methodology.



Tias and Surya Little are contemporary teachers based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are highly respected in the realms of yoga therapy and work of the subtle body, and are both students of Krishnamacharya's principle students, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. Their work synthesizes many teachers of eastern and western philosophy, anatomy and the internal arts, and has had a profound influence on this work.

Jason Crandell is a contemporary and influential teacher in his ability to effectively sequence and communicate nuance in the body and biomechanical principles. Court continues to reap the benefits of her years spent studying closely with Jason while assisting his workshops and trainings. She shares and studies regularly with teachers who have been influenced by his work.


Much of Court's training in the Buddha-dharma stems from the teachings of Brumese monk and teacher, Sayadaw U. Tejaniya and Mahasi Sayadaw. Both brilliant meditation teachers, U. Tejaniya brings an unparalleled pragmatism and lightness to the dharma while the Mahasi method is revered for its ability to hone observation of the breath, noting and development of patience. Court has studied both methods extensively under the guidance of teachers Alexis Santos, who continues to work and lead retreats alongside U. Tejaniya, and Steve Armstrong, a master teacher and longtime student of Mahasi and his chief disciple, Sayadaw U. Pandita.



Named for the method of body strengthening and elongating developed by Joseph Pilates, a German Anatomist in the early/mid 20th century. Classical Pilates is a set sequence that strongly adheres to Joseph Pilates original style. Because it focuses on movement and control coming from the full, three-dimensional core of the body, this system promotes the incredible therapeutic benefits of a strong and supple hips, full-circumference strength in the center, great posture, and full breath practice. Court continues to study in the Pilates method with her teacher, Patti Jo Amerein.