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Yoga Foundations- Module 1

Saturdays + Sundays

January 21-22, 28-29 2023

1-3 PM

West Side Yoga, Providence, RI. 

Begin, evolve, and deepen your practice with Yoga Foundations. Over four sessions, you'll learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice from poses and breath to anatomy and philosophy as you connect to your own embodied experience. Throughout this course you will gain flexibility and strength in the spine, hips, and shoulders as we move through a range of standing, seated and reclined postures. Learn how to modify and adapt poses for your unique body, how to use props to support your practice, and how to breathe efficiently for ease and tranquility. Whether you’re a total beginner, a long-time practitioner, or somewhere in between, Yoga Foundations will inspire your practice with purpose, depth, and self-awareness.

All bodies, abilities, ages & identities are welcome & encouraged to join!

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Yoga Foundations - Module II

Saturdays & Sundays

June 10,11 & June 17,18


West Side Yoga, Providence

Advance your practice with two in-depth weekends exploring the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of inversions, arm balances, binds and backbends. Learn how to work with the upper back, shoulder girdle, and neck to build balanced strength and ease while experiencing the energetic body - the flow of prana, or qi, through the chakras - through the practices of asana, pranayama and meditation. Together, we’ll bring to life the path of the yoga practice and the practical philosophy that becomes a guiding light for our lives. Throughout these four sessions, you will gain confidence and poise as you learn new techniques, tips, and tricks for approaching challenging poses with greater skill, nuance, and ease, all within a supportive and welcoming community where questions are encouraged.


Expect slow, well-rounded practices exploring profound and accessible meditation (samyama) and breath practices (pranayama), time spent workshopping poses - downward facing dog, handstand, headstand, crane and upward facing bow pose, to name a few - and time for Q&A and discussion of the path of the yoga practice.


Yoga Foundations 1 is not a requirement for this course, though a steady practice of 6 months or more is recommended.

Courtney leads thoughtful, purposeful yoga, that challenges you physically as well as mentally.  She has an uncanny sense of connectedness to her students and their development, always pushing them to layer new skill and strength into their practice.  She is a natural teacher who radiates enthusiasm and sincerity for her craft.


—  Brian Rudin

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