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We each possess a wealth of innate resources that are unique, inspiring, and powerful. This is the practice of learning to nourish this life - through movement and breath, creation and letting go, stillness and reflection - to unbind the creative process, embrace potency, and discover the incredible freedom of heart and spirit that is inherent to each of us. This is the process of accessing, trusting, and understanding our natural, inner resources through personal investigation of the processes of body and mind. It is understanding how we choose how we see ourselves and how we present our work in the world.

We can be fully awake to our bodies, our sense of self and our relationships to the people, places, and space around us. In my experience, this is vital to a sense of wholeness, wellness, and contentment. Wherever you are in your life, these practices will help you clarify what is grounded, holistic, sustainable, and allows you to meet yourself where you are with kindness, humor, and grace.


Courtney creates a full experience in a yoga is apparent that her classes are created with holistic, artistic, ritualistic intention—an intention that extends beyond the physical space and details, into the space she creates to expand and evolve a practice. Courtney brings a thoughtfulness, calm, and strength to yoga practice, creating and disrupting rhythms, and challenging assumptions.

— Emily Slusser

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