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Sept 21 - 27, 2024


Main Lodge Rooms

$1800 early registration until 9/30/23

+ $100 after 9/30/23

The main lodge has the character of western luxury of the last century with a huge, wood-beamed main hall and library with four adjoining spacious bedrooms. Each room is shared (twin beds) and has its own bathroom. Staying in the main lodge has the advantages of immediate, 24-hour access to the main hall for personal early morning practice and close proximity to the Feathered Pipe kitchen and dining hall where our staff work their culinary magic. The area of the Main Lodge will be held in Noble Silence for the entirety of the retreat. 


$1900 (per person shared) / $2500 (solo) early registration until 9/30/23

+$100 after 9/30/23


The most requested lodging at the Feathered Pipe Ranch without question is our yurt accommodations, and for good reason. With large, glass domes located at the center of the lattice-supported, canvas ceiling, brilliant, warm sunlight pours in during the day and offers a breathtaking view of the starry, starry sky at night. Nothing compares! Our yurts sleep one (king bed) or two (twin beds) and feature raised wood flooring and an interior sealed from the external elements.

The Ranch Chalet

RM 2 & 3

$2150 (per person shared) / $2500 (solo) early registration until 9/30/23

+$100 after 9/30/23

RM 1, 4,5

$2550 (solo) early registration until 9/30/23

+$100 after 9/30/23

The chalet offers spectacular views of the Ranch overlooking the lake and the mountains stretching beyond. Rooms have been hand crafted with wood flooring, abundant soft lighting, wood-chinked, outer walls and baseboard heating for the rare occasions when the wondrous, Montana summer nights become too chilly for your comfort. On the upper floor, rooms 2 & 3 are available shared or solo, with shared bathrooms and a veranda. On the ground floor, rooms 1, 4, & 5 are currently only available solo, offer private baths & a shared outer deck.

Teachers Cabin

$2250 (per person shared) / $2700 (solo) early registration until 9/30/23

+$100 after 9/30/23

Nestled in the trees next to a small brook near the bathhouse is Teachers Cabin. Having its own kitchenette shared by two one-bedroom apartments with living room and private bathroom, makes this lodging offering special. Ceiling fans, baseboard heat and comfy queen-size beds assures your comfort in all weather. 

The Lake Cabin

$2350 (per person shared) / $2800 (solo) early registration until 9/30/23

+$100 after 9/30/23

A beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath, fully appointed mountain cabin, this lovingly-constructed space is tailor made for those seeking all the comforts of home (kitchen for coffee/tea and ready-made food only). The East side of the cabin has a large living room/sitting area bathed in morning light with a large bay window offering a relaxing view of the Peace Garden, our sprawling lawn, and Main Lodge. The West side of the cabin has a second seating/lounging area off the master bedroom with a long row of
windows outside the lake-side deck for lake- and sunset-viewing. The deck is a perfect space for gathering with friends or sitting in solitude to appreciate the late afternoon sparkles of Montana summer sunlight on the lake.

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