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8/28 w/ Court in Elmhurst

8/31 w/ Kate in Mt. Hope

These classes are offered freely and bring much joy to both the teachers and the community. If you would like to to offer dana (the Pali word for generosity) as a part of your practice and in gratitude for the teachings, you can bring your gift to class or offer via Venmo : @Court-Morgan (or use the button below) and @RootedInHarmony

Sundays 9-10a

Yoga + Qigong w/ Court

Fargnoli Park | Smith St., Providence

Breathe, move, and connect! This combination class of yoga and qigong is meant to be inviting, balancing, and meditative for all ages and all ability levels. If you're new to qigong, we will be practicing 18 simple harmonizing movements to tonify and balance the Qi/prana, or energy of the body. The set is wonderful for joint health, coordination, balance, integrated core strength and conscious breathing. These are taught standing but certainly can be easily adapted for those who use wheelchairs. We'll spend the beginning of class in stretchy yoga poses and then move into our qigong practice, and end with savasana or meditation. Bring your mat or a blanket for the beginning and the end, otherwise we'll have our toes in the grass!  

Qigong Shibashi 18 Movements



Wednesdays 8:30-9:30a

Yoga w/ Kate Waters

Summit Ave Playground | 9th St., Providence

This class is appropriate for all experience-levels, so whether you're brand new, beginning again or feeling great in your practice, you'll find something inspiring for your practice. Expect thoughtful and specific sequences to open and strengthen your body, helpful suggestions with modifications and props, a few dumb jokes, and relaxation. These are accessible classes with lots of options given. We move through a range of motions with the spine, hips, and shoulders. Bring your mat along with blocks and a strap if you have them!

While I started with yoga a long time ago, it didn't make sense to me or my body until I had the opportunity to practice with Courtney. Her techniques are solidly based in the structure of the human body, informing an intelligent and captivating practice. The quality of my time spent in physical movement and mindfulness with Court can not be understated. 


—  K.g.

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